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BEAUTIQUEKOREA is a government-approved medical concierge company in Korea that was founded in 2015. We have been dedicated solely to help our clients to find the best clinic in Korea. 


We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of medical service in safer and more reliable channels to select medical institutions fit for our clients based on our rich experiences of working with various hospitals. 


Our consultant and staff at BEAUTIQUEKOREA are a highly trained professional staff providing high level of services. We have been working in the medical field for a long time, so we have many friends and ex-colleagues who are working in various clinics. They provide us with the latest information on the clinics and keep us up to date.


We actually have partnerships with over 30 plastic surgery clinics. We check their result and safety every month. So we select only good clinics and introduce them to our patients. If we find some big mistake or big complaints in some clinics, we are skipping them on our recommendation list.


Even though Korean doctors and clinics are excellent, they are not free of mistakes. No clinic is free of complaints, as surgery results are often also a subjective matter. So we check patients' satisfaction rate and complaint rate constantly. Therefore, in order to prevent any mistakes happening to our clients, we only want to introduce clinics that we are 100% sure of their quality.


That's why we can introduce only the best doctors and clinics to our patients. Therefore we can minimize the possibility of any accidents or malpractices that might happen in any clinics.


If you become our clients, you will get all the information step by step. And you will receive services beyound your expectations! =)

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