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Medical tourist facilitator is an intermediary who handles medical tourists by providing assistance at every stage of planning, during stay and during postoperative care. As a result, the patients don’t have to settle any formalities.

Beautique Korea introduces patients to better clinics where offer high quality and affordable procedures provided by qualified surgeons.

Our goal of Medical Tourism Corporation is to have satisfied and happy patients. This will be achieved by reducing anxiety and confusion from the process of planning a plastic surgery trip.

Our dedicated and experienced staff will offer personalizing care for each and every patient.

Choosing a right clinic abroad can be overwhelming. While clinics may claim a number of things, the most important criterion should be how knowledgeable the staff are and how much information you are being provided about your treatment options as well as how much surgeons are experienced with the procedures.
We recommend medical institutions fit for our patients based on our rich experience of working with various hospitals in Korea and reduce the economic burdens on our patients while increasing their satisfaction with stable medical procedures.

​Finding a Good Hospital

Consultation and Surgery Reservation

It can take quite some time if you prepare everything by yourself since each clinic has a different reservation system. We help patients make every step of medical tour process easy and quick including a consultation and surgery reservation. We will collect the information needed in an easy to use and minimally back and forth process. You will be given sufficient details about your treatment, which provides you confidence and helps you take a final decision for your overseas medical trip.

Our considerate and experienced driver will pick you up at the airport on the day of arrival and kindly assist you to your hotel. Also, the driver will transport you safely to the hospital as well whenever you have an appointment with them. You can just relax and ride comfortably in the care of our experienced driver.


( including Pick up from & to the airport )


Prescription medicine after the surgery is also one of the extra expenses if you come alone. Since foreigners don’t have any Korean medical insurance, the cost of medication cannot be covered by the insurance. Besides, it costs two to three times higher than what Korean patients pay. If you use Beautique Korea concierge service, we will cover the costs of prescription medicine for minimizing your extra expenses.

​Medical Advice

We constantly ask for our patients’ feedback and rely on their survey responses to evaluate our partners and our own services. In this way, we hope to continually improve and offer the best possible service to the clients. Not only during your stay but also after you go back to your country, we will stay connected with you. Our staff will be available anytime you need us and assist you to stay healthy by providing personalized medical tips and suggestions.

​Hotel Reservation

Generally, prices of the accommodation in Korea vary according to locations, as well as seasons. If you have hard time finding a better place to stay, we can help you find one that meets your needs and budget.


Visiting a new country may not be convenient for all. Language is a primary concern while visiting a foreign country.

Beautique Korea will provide any and all interpretation and translation services that patients may need while in the hospital.

Visa + Personal Assistance

Beautique Korea will help you with the required travel documents like passport and visa along with a complete travel plan. Once you come to Korea, we will be welcoming you and we will accompany you throughout your medical journey. We take what is typically a daunting process and turn it to a very smooth and hopefully enjoyable experience. We believe that if it starts good, it'll end good, and so we do all we can to facilitate the best experience possible from the very start.

Storage Service​

If you plan to travel outside of cities shortly in Korea after the operation, you don’t need to bring all the stuff you’ve brought along with you. You can pack light for your short trip and store your extra belongings at Beautique Korea. We handle the temporary storage of many items from large suitcases to small bags. And services are designed to give you maximum flexibility and peace of mind.

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