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Why do you need to come to KOREA for your medical tour?

  Plastic Surgery also known as cosmetic surgery is becoming quite the popular trend because it helps in enhancing your appearance and also renders a therapeutic effect on the mind. Different people have different expectations and reasons for going with the plastic surgery. It can be about hope and second chances. To many it is a second chance of survival if their physical appearance has gone through serious damage in accidents. To many others it is also a hope of going back to a youth they’ve always desired.


  For these reasons, ‘Plastic Surgery’ is getting Spot-lighted to all around the globe. With this trend, the term ‘Medical Tourism’ is newly coined. It`s definition is to visit other countries to get medical treatments such as plastic surgery and other medical-related performance. Thanks to brilliant medical technique of Korea, numerous foreigners are visiting Korea to have Plastic Surgery. As the time goes by, there is a huge increase of foreign visitors who visit not only to get the surgery but also to get other medical acts.


  South Korea is a plastic surgery nation, where the biopolitics of plastic surgery has been more powerful than any other parts of the world. . It would be an understatement to say that South Korean medical tourism and the medicine industry in general thrives on plastic surgeries. The country has most plastic surgeries per capita on earth having recorded 980,000 operations in 2014 alone, and expecting a million people by 2020. The good news for medical tourists here is that foreigners make up half of that number. Industry insiders believe that the phenomenon is due to the fact that Korean plastic surgeons are among the best in the world. There are facial surgeries, breast surgeries, anti-aging surgeries, body contour surgeries, you just name it and the South Korean surgeons can transform any part of your body. Their patients are largely women, but men also make an estimated 15-20 % of these seekers.


  Then, Why are people opting for South Korea for their surgeries?

Technological Advantage

South Korea is known for one of the most technologically-advanced nations and is gaining a reputation as a plastic surgery mecca, a place where doctors are highly skilled and the technology is top-notch. 

The kind of equipment used by medical professionals play an important role in defining the success of any plastic surgery procedure or treatment. Plastic surgery has become an integral part of the Korean lifestyle and hence more and more clinics are looking at using only the state of the art equipment, so that a patient can get nothing short of the best services. Whether it is surgery tables, patient monitors or a liposuction system, hospitals in South Korea have spared no expense in ensuring their patient get the treatment and results they desire!


Cost is always one of the important factors for choosing a specific destination especially when it comes to plastic surgery. This is where South Korea stands apart from any other countries.

South Korea has established itself as a prime destination thanks to accessible prices as well as the increasing recognition of local doctors’ expertise and skills. This is definitely a motivating factor for people choosing South Korea. Cosmetic surgery price against quality is substantially better in South Korea than in many other countries.

People from many different countries flock to South Korea on plastic surgery "medical tours," not only for the skill of the surgeons, but for the good deals.

Hidden costs

Hidden costs can be quite the nightmarish experience. The good news is that there are no hidden costs for any plastic surgery treatments or procedures in South Korea especially if you choose a reliable medical tourism agency like Beautique Korea.

TV shows

If you don’t believe, please look it up. South Korea has a genre of reality show called “Plastic Surgery Reality Shows”. You just Google it up and you will find hundreds of videos on Youtube from these shows that show people’s transformation from having a certain kind of look and moving on to another.

Ease of Travel

Transportation in South Korea is one of the best in the world. You can travel within the city using comfortable and spacious intercity or express buses, use subway, and local taxi services very easily.

However, it’s not always easy to plan everything alone. So there are companies like us that help them plan such things easier. We can help our patients save their expenses by providing a car from airport to hotel and hotel to the clinic. Our services do not end there. We extend our help such as the visa arrangements of the tourists, affordable hotel bookings, hospital appointments, translations, and so on.

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